Conflict Resolution

We're talking about the common sources and types of conflict at work and how to address them constructively. Listed in no particular order:
  • Task conflict: This involves issues related to work assignments.
  • Relationship conflict: This involves personal clashes based on emotions, personality differences, or preferences. 
  • Status conflict: This involves disputes over power dynamics or hierarchy in an organization. 
  • Value conflict: This involves differences in beliefs, values, or ethics that affect how people view a situation. 
  • Cross-cultural conflict: This involves clashes based on different cultural backgrounds, values, norms, or expectations that affect how people communicate and behave. It can lead to misunderstandings, mistrust, resentment, or hostility if not handled properly.
We may or may not have had a visitation interruption during the recording of this episode that added to our relationship conflict, listen or watch to find out what happened.

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Conflict Resolution
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