Eliminating Distractions and Streamlining Processes

In this episode we talk about your ability to eliminate distractions and how it will be easier to streamline your processes doing so. We know getting in the mindset to focus your day can be challenging and we share some of our best practices to help ease yourself into having a more productive day.

You'll learn how an analog item like Post-its can actually make your digital life easier. There's mention of another common household item that will further surprise you.

We'll answer these questions:
  • How can a messy desk bring you ease and peace in your work area?
  • Why does Nicole like being bogged down in her work?
  • What do coat hangers have and notebooks have in common?
  • Who meditates three hours a day?
  • What's the best mantra before having a meeting?
  • How do you get out of your own way?
  • How do I make an "I Hate This" list?
It might appear random, but we can assure you'll take something away from this episode that you can start using today. 

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Eliminating Distractions and Streamlining Processes
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