Using Technology and Tools to Increase Efficiency

We are talking about all the tools we use to increase our efficiency. From an egg timer to sending calendar invites to friends. We try to cover the ones we use on a daily basis and share how they will help you.

We soft dive into the psychology of our process of deciding which tools to use and how it’s worked out so far.

We learn Nicole doesn’t want to be called illustrious and Michael continually stands on soapboxes.

There’s lots of tools out there that we didn’t mention or cover because let’s be honest, there’s so many to choose.

Remind yourself to choose the tools that make the most sense for your situation and use case.

Our opinions are our own and you may disagree or agree with them and how we use them.

We’re happy to learn about more or any of the ones you use. Reach out to us and let us know what tools work for you and why.

Here’s a short list of ours and the ones we mention in the show.

The direct links, not affiliate links (missed opportunity right?) can be found on our website

We are not paid by any of these companies or receive free licenses from them. We pay for and use them just as you would.

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Using Technology and Tools to Increase Efficiency
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