Self-Care in the Workspace

We cover a lot in this episode about how you can do a few things to improve your own self-care in your workspace. It doesn't matter if you're working from home or at the office. These are universal tips that work in either place. Check out Michael David's edited bullet points below. He does listen to Nicole afterall.

Beating the Sunday Blues - "Mindful Monday: Starting the Week Off Right"
  • We are discussing the importance of starting off the workweek with a positive mindset and strategies for doing so.
  • How to identify the Sunday Blues or as Nicole likes to call them the "Sunday Scaries."
Good Leaders/Bad Leaders; Managing Up
  • Then we take on the impact that positive workplace relationships can have on mental health and job satisfaction.
  • Strategies for building strong connections with colleagues, such as actively listening, showing appreciation, and seeking out common interests.
  • We also encourage employers to prioritize building relationships with coworkers as a key component of their mental health toolkit.
Getting Moving: The Connection Between Exercise and Self-Care
  • We will discuss the link between physical activity and mental health, and how incorporating movement into the workday can have a positive impact on both.
  • We're sharing tips for incorporating movement into a sedentary work environment, such as taking walking meetings and doing stretches at the desk.
  • We ask leaders and employers to prioritize movement as part of their employee's self-care routine.
The Art of Saying No
  • We explore the challenges of setting boundaries in the workplace and how saying "no" can be a crucial part of self-care.
  • How to communicate those boundaries assertively and respectfully, such as using "I" statements and suggesting alternative solutions.

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Self-Care in the Workspace
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